Alt Girls – Cheerleader Krissie Dee

For today’s alt girls update we have sexy Krissie Dee getting fucked by three guys in the same time. She was at this weird party a few days ago. Her friends insisted that she went so she pleased then and went there prepared to meet them. Of course they stood her up and she had to wait for a while until they arrived, but she wasn’t about to stand next to the door for the next hour so she started to mingle around and ended up talking with these three guys. She kind of knew what they were hoping to do, but she didn’t imagine they wanted a foursome. So they went to this empty room on the first floor and after she saw all three of them entering the room she figured out what was going to happen next. But Krissie didn’t mind at all sucking off those three cocks and afterwards getting them deep inside her holes. If you liked this altgirls scene you must visit for more hot updates with your favorite gals in the business. Hope you guys enjoyed it we’ll see you next time!

alt girls cheerleader Krissie Dee

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